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The “Don’t Be Sorry” Movement is a worldwide social initiative aimed toward preventing the initial separation of birth families and the placement of children into institutions, while also changing the overall cultural belief systems that are forcing families to feel sorry for their child’s medical diagnosis. There are 1.5 million children living in institutions across Eastern Europe. 1.2 million of those children were placed into institutions intentionally because they have Down Syndrome or another non-correctable medical need

What do we do?

We partner to educate medical staff, NGO’s and placement agencies while also providing birth families Easter European countries with educational seminars and printed materials containing factual data and stories of children that are thriving despite of their diagnosis. Through our worldwide social media campaigns with the hashtag #Dontbesorry, we are connecting mothers from across the world with inspirational stories of children with medical needs just like theirs. Some of these mothers are finding support for the very first time.

How can you help?

Are you a family member or caregiver of an individual with non-correctible medical needs such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc? Help us highlight the ABILITIES of those that we love by snapping photos with them living their best life!  Hashtag your photos on social media with #Dontbesorry and share our initiative with all your friends!

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