Information About For This Child

While demonstrating financial need is required, For This Child Foundation for Adoption will review a family’s entire profile when evaluating for grant awards. Annual income alone is not a sole determination for financial need and will not disqualify a family from receiving our grant. Please make sure to provide any additional information that would be helpful to our organization when making a decision on your grant application.

Because funding is limited, our founding values prioritize award grants that:

  • Prevent the permanent institutionalization of a child with special needs
  • Finalize the placement of a child whose medical needs will not be met until they come home
  • Prevent the separation of biological siblings
  • Prevent a child from “aging out” of orphanage care

Adoption Grant Application Request

Deadlines for Grant Applications:

  • For June 1st consideration (Deadline is 4/1)
  • For December 1st consideration (Deadline is 10/1)

Tell us more about your family!  Please fill out the form below to access our adoption grant application:

  • About Your Adoption

  • After completing this form, you will receive an email to the email address provided that includes our full grant application packet.

Grant Application Steps:

  1. Fill out grant interest form on our website.
  2. Receive our full grant application by email.
  3. Complete the grant application completely along with the release of information authorization and return to us by the deadlines listed above.
  4. Our Board of Directors will meet and review grant applications twice per year. We may also meet more frequently in the event that a special focus or legacy grant becomes available.
  5. We will personally notify recipients of our grant decisions within 30 days of the grant deadline.
  6. For This Child Foundation will work with your adoption agency to confirm that you have met all eligibility guidelines and arrange grant award payments accordingly.
Grant Eligibility:

To qualify for an adoption grant through our foundation you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Have a completed Home Study through a Hauge Accredited agency
  • Commit to an International Adoption of a child with a non-correctable special need
  • Demonstrate a need for financial assistance
  • Provide details on your personal fundraising efforts
  • And complete a full application packet by the deadline provided

We Need
Your Help!

Our mission is to empty Eastern European institutions one child at a time, by eliminating the financial barriers for American families pursing the International adoption of an institutionalized child with non-correctible medical needs.