For This Child Foundation for Adoption gratefully acknowledges our many community partners that have shown us unwavering support. We also want to thank our individual donors, silent corporate sponsorships, event sponsors and attendees as well as our retail patrons that give selflessly so that we can continue our mission to eliminate financial barriers to international special needs adoption.  Because of you, more families are saying “yes” to bring home these special children and provide a home in which they can thrive, receive needed medical care, and experience the love that only a family can provide.

Not everyone is called to adopt a child…but everyone can be part of an adoption story! 

Grant funds are typically used for things such as:

  • In country medical exams
  • Child Visas
  • Adoption flights and travel expenses
  • Agency Fees
  • International Program Fees

Our Founding Community Partners

Bishop Family Insurance Agency, Inc.

Websites For Anything

Websites for Anything

Fitness 1440 Fredericksburg

Fitness 1440: Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Fitness 1440: Damascus, Maryland

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Fitness 1440: Lebanon, Oregon

Fitness 1440 Lebanon, Oregon

All American Lawn Care Services

Fitness 1440 Damascus Maryland

Longer Table Apothecary

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Our mission is to empty Eastern European institutions one child at a time, by eliminating the financial barriers for American families pursing the International adoption of an institutionalized child with non-correctible medical needs.