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For This Child Foundation for Adoption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides financial assistance and adoption grant funding to families that have committed to an international adoption of a child with non-correctable medical needs from Eastern European countries

And deadlines below for the application

  • April 1st for June 1st consideration
  • October 1st for December 1st consideration

Adoption Stories

The Bishop Family

Tamondong family
Meet our Founding Family!

Brian and Kristin Bishop met as teenagers in their church youth group when Kristin was just 13. With many years of life to live before settling down, they both went their separate ways after high school before reconnecting in late 2008. After a whirlwind romance, they were finally married in May of 2010 and have built an incredible life in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Together they have 5 beautiful children ranging in age from 3 to 11. Brian works as a finance director for an automobile dealership and Kristin is the owner of a local insurance corporation in their hometown.
Special needs adoption is something that had always been on Kristin’s heart. For nearly 5 years it was a constant conversation in their home. In 2017, Brian accompanied Kristin on another mission trip to South America and it was there, in the mountains of Zacapa, Guatemala that Brian experienced that same life-changing desire to parent the fatherless. They welcomed their fourth son home through international adoption from South Korea in February of 2019.
Along with serving as bonus parents for teenagers and young adults needing additional support in their home state, Brian and Kristin financially support family style orphanages in countries that no longer allow for International Adoption. Not long after finalizing their first adoption in Korea and completing a second home study, they were presented with file of beautiful little girl with down syndrome waiting for a family in Eastern Europe. They immediately committed to her and started working diligently to complete the needed documents and fund her adoption. It was through the grant application process for their 2nd international adoption in 2 years, that they realized the overwhelming need for a grant program that did not disqualify families based on income alone…especially families committing to children with non-correctable medical needs. Out of their own personal convictions, adoption journey, and belief that ALL children deserve a family of their own…For This Child Foundation for Adoption was founded in early 2021!
“He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.” -Ecclesiastes 3:11

The Tamondong Family
Tamondong family
We are the Tamondong family. Mark and I, Laura, have been married for 20 years. We have 3 boys at home, an older daughter in the Air Force, and adopted Poppy from China 3 years ago, at the age 5 1/2. She has Down Syndrome, is non-verbal, and has severe feeding issues. Poppy is a bright shining light in our lives and in our community. After saying no to adoption for many years, my husband finally felt the Lord tug on his heart and he would say “we need to obey the Bible and it says take care of widows and orphans.” This was music to my ears and made my heart burst as I had found Poppy on a waiting list and knew she was ours. The process took 15 months of prayers, paperwork, patience, and tears, but was absolutely worth it! Everyone’s timeliness and journey is unique. No 2 stories are the same. I say adoption is a road paved with a million pieces of paper. It is not an easy road, but anything worth having is worth working for. I hear people talk regularly about how expensive it is. I say where there is a will, there is a way. Between fundraisers, grants, adoption loans, tax credits, savings, working a bit extra, and thinking outside the box, money should never be the reason someone who feels called to adopt shouldn’t do it. But adopting children is not the only thing people can do to help. Helping a family fundraise, bring a meal, throw an adoption shower, babysit, send a card, educate yourself on the culture or disability of the child, spend time with the family to hear their story, pray for them! These are all needed things people can do to support families who are adopting.

We Need
Your Help!

Our mission is to empty Eastern European institutions one child at a time, by eliminating the financial barriers for American families pursing the International adoption of an institutionalized child with non-correctible medical needs.