For This Child Foundation for Adoption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides financial assistance, family support and adoption grant funding to families that have committed to an international adoption of a child with non-correctable medical needs from Eastern European countries. Our mission is to empty European institutions by advocating for children in need of forever families while eliminating the financial barriers of international adoption through adoption grants and financial assistance.

For This Child Foundation for Adoption was founded in early 2021 by Brian and Kristin Bishop in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Through the commitment process to bring home their second child in three years through International adoption, they quickly realized the need for an adoption grant that would not immediately disqualify a family from receiving financial assistance based on total income alone.

“Income is just one factor in a pool of many that determines a family’s financial need. Many of our children require a lifetime of expensive medical treatments, therapies, special clothing and equipment, skilled nursing care, gas and car expenses for to and from appointments, special foods, etc. Making a higher income is realistically required to properly care for the needs of our children…Just because the money is earned doesn’t mean it’s always disposable and shouldn’t immediately disqualify families from receiving adoption grant funds.”.

-Founder and President Kristin Bishop

Board of Directors

Kristin Bishop

Founder and President

Kristin and Brian were married in May of 2010 and have five children – three biological children, Savannah Madison, Tinsley Kay, Grayson Darrell, and were blessed with two children through International adoption.  Born and raised in Spotsylvania, Virginia, Kristin had never really experienced the world outside of her small town until she and Brian served on short term mission teams in South America.  It was there, in the mountains of Guatemala, that her plea to Jesus came true…he broke her heart for what breaks his…the millions of children around the globe living in institutionalized care.  One of her favorite quotes is “When you are blessed with more than you need, build a longer table…not a higher fence”, and that is exactly what they did.

Ethan Park came home from South Korea in February of 2019, and Shelby Galeva-Grace quickly followed…arriving home in October of 2021 from Bulgaria. Through their own personal adoption journey of two children with non-correctible medical needs, Kristin immediately discovered the need for an adoption grant that did not immediately disqualify a family based on adjusted gross income alone.  For This Child Foundation for Adoption was founded in early 2021 to serve other families committing to children with non-correctible medical needs in Eastern European countries and eliminate financial barriers of International adoption.

“The gravity of walking my 24 pound four-year-old daughter out of an institution for the very last time will never leave me”, was written on Kristin’s social media page the day she took custody of their daughter in Pleven, Bulgaria.  Since returning home from her custody trip, she has worked tirelessly to launch For This Child Foundation for Adoption, by achieving 501(c)3 tax exempt status and creating collaborations with local organizations for our very first annual fundraising events.

Kristin has also served the adoption community as Mrs. Virginia International 2021 and continues her reign into 2022 as Mrs. Atlantic Coast International, where she champions her platform Until They Are Empty…a focused initiative to empty the child institutions of Eastern Europe.  In early 2021, Kristin started “Don’t Be Sorry” as a worldwide social movement aimed to prevent the initial separation of birth families within these countries.  You can learn more about the Don’t Be Sorry Movement here. Through her “For This Child Friday” waiting child advocacy efforts (Facebook album), she connects American families to profiles of waiting children with the hope that their forever family will see their file and pursue a permanent match. When she isn’t working in the foundation, publishing on her blog, or at home loving on her family, you can find her embroidering personalized birth country blankets for foundation grant recipient families that have return home with their new child.  Find out how you can sponsor a blanket and send a personalized inspirational message to one of our new forever families here!

Pageantry is a sisterhood unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life.  I have sister queens across the globe…many of which share my same passion for International adoption.  One of my greatest full circle moments in this life was when my personal passion joined my pageant platform to become my life’s mission.  I’m so blessed to be able to live out my platform every single day…my platform literally sits in my living room as a daily reminder of why our work is not yet finished.

Kristin Bishop

The Bishop family still resides in Spotsylvania, Virginia, with their 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 bearded dragons and a turtle names spotter

Support Kristin’s initiative on #Dontbesorry

Find out more about Kristin’s #Dontbesorry Movement

The “Don’t Be Sorry” Movement is a worldwide social initiative aimed toward preventing the initial separation of birth families and the placement of children into institutions, while also changing the overall cultural belief systems that are forcing families to feel sorry for their child’s medical diagnosis. There are 1.5 million children living in institutions across Eastern Europe. 1.2 million of those children were placed into institutions intentionally because they have Down Syndrome or another non-correctable medical need

What do we do?

We partner to educate medical staff, NGO’s and placement agencies while also providing birth families Easter European countries with educational seminars and printed materials containing factual data and stories of children that are thriving despite of their diagnosis. Through our worldwide social media campaigns with the hashtag #Dontbesorry, we are connecting mothers from across the world with inspirational stories of children with medical needs just like theirs. Some of these mothers are finding support for the very first time.

How can you help?

Are you a family member or caregiver of an individual with non-correctible medical needs such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc? Help us highlight the ABILITIES of those that we love by snapping photos with them living their best life!  Hashtag your photos on social media with #Dontbesorry and share our initiative with all your friends!

Brian Bishop

Vice President

Brian was born in Baltimore, Maryland and has been a fighter since the moment he took his first breath. Born at just 27 weeks gestation, weighing 1.3 pounds, there is no question that God placed an important calling on his life. Little did he know that calling would be lived out through one of the greatest joys…being a father. Along with parenting their five children in Virginia, Brian and Kristin share many of the same passions in life. These passions led them to South America through their church short-term mission teams, around the world to South Korea to bring home their son, and eventually to Bulgaria to finalize the adoption of their daughter.

Although you will typically find Brian serving behind the scenes, he is the backbone of our foundation and brings a wealth of finance knowledge to our team. He looks forward to writing the first adoption grant check to an adoptive family in 2022 to see this journey come full circle!

Delicia Wright

Director of Family Support